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Unlock PDF File with Unrestrict PDF

You must have often come across PDF files which do not permit you to copy/print/modify. This is because of the owner password restriction which has been put upon them. To solve this problem is what exactly Unrestrict PDF software is for. The program Unlock PDF files and gives you the full authority to copy the PDF file, print the PDF file and make changes to the PDF file.

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More than often the PDF files downloaded from internet are restricted, apart from reading them they are not of much use. In other files download PDF files could not be modified, printed and as a matter of fact copied. This poses a serious issue because frequently these files are needed for various other purposes which cannot be fulfilled without removing the restrictions from them.

If you are in a similar situation where are not able to do anything with the PDF files, now you know the reason and also the solution. Unrestrict PDF with Unlock PDF Restriction tool and do all the changes you want to do in the files apart from copy and print.

Significant Features of Unlock PDF tool

This program would not have been as good as it is without its advance and efficient feature, which not only helps to Unlock PDF but also save lot of effort form user’s part.

  • The software is an Owner password remover utility that removes the restriction put on by owner. But the program does not remove user password from PDF file. So if the PDF file is protected by Owner password than only the software will remove the restriction.
  • Without erasing the restriction from the PDF file the software is only good for reading. Once the restrictions are removed from the PDF files, users can do editing/modifying, printing and copying.
  • When the software Unlock the PDF it does not unlock the original PDF file, it simply creates and copy of the PDF file and remove the restriction from the copied PDF file, by doing this users have the PDF file in both restricted and unrestrict form.
  • Another important aspect of the software is that is keeps the integrity of the PDF file. It does not make any changes to the PDF file. The program removes the restriction form PDF file without any formatting.
  • Users do not need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in their PC to run the program.
  • Earlier version of PDF Unlock tool use to support only Acrobat 9.1 now it also supports PDF 1.0 and it also supports PDF file including 40-bit RC4 decryption, 128-bit RC4 decryption, AES decryption, compressed files and unencrypted metadata.
  • Unrestrict PDF program gives user friendly-interface, which means that no additional knowledge or skills are required to be acquiring for using this program, even a naïve user can easily carry out with the program.
  • The software supports only Windows operating system (OS) and no other OS. Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Windows Vista and Windows 7 are easily supported by the program.

The demo version of Unlock PDF will only show or point out the unrestrict PDF file but it will not save them. Demo version is for free of cost, users can try it without paying a single penny.

Full version removes the restriction from the owner password restrict PDF file and also save the entire unrestricted PDF file. The cost of full license key version of Unrestrict PDF software is just 19 USD.

Unlock PDFDownload Demo  Unlock PDFPurchase Full Version